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Dan Meyer

Subject: SMI Feedback

Initially when I learnt about the SMI/LMI course I was sceptical - I was running a business, I made every decision, I met every client, I did everything myself and time constraints were at an all time high. How on earth was I going to manage my huge workload and find time to focus on the coursework?

Upon joining the accelerate course I found quite the opposite - that my time management improved so rapidly that I had more time spare, not less.

I've always struggled with goals - I'd set goals and never complete them, and eventually forget them. I lacked the structure to follow through on my goals and dreams, and had no system for accountibility, even to myself. The SMI/LMI course changed that, quickly. It gave me the blueprint to find my dreams, convert the important ones into goals, to follow through, and see those goals become realities.

Since doing the program I've been aware of some big changes in my life - my self discipline has increased dramatically and I've managed to let go crippling habits that have been holding me back for most of my adult life. I've regained control of my finances and my business is moving from strength to strength. I've hired people to take care of the things that took most of my time and time has freed up considerably. Most importantly, it has given me the confidence to reach for the stars, and FOLLOW THROUGH.

You only have one life, and if you want to make it count, live every day to its fullest, and achieve the potential you know you have, then this course is for you. Sincerely,

Dan Meyer

Director, Stretch Incorporated. 0730761106