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Client Corner: Theresa Styles, Ka-Ching

"The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do".

Like all of us, I had and have dreams... Little dreams, big dreams, random ideas floating in and out of my head. Dreams for myself and my business. Wishes, thoughts of greatness and deep desires for balance in my life.


The SMI Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting Program that Lana guided me through last year, was the 'what to do' part of the quote above. The tool kit to reaching my dreams. I loved the course, it was inspiring and motivational with loads of practical lessons on how to formulate your wishes and set the goals to reaching them.

June 2013, I was a one woman design studio. June 2014, there are 5 of us making magic in this little studio of mine! The course taught me to face my fears and walk in the direction of what I want for myself and my business.

There are no 'abracadabra's' in life that will take us to our 'treasures', but with the program that I followed with Lana, I've been given my 'road map'. My journey will not be fast, instead it will be steady. And be sure, I'll find my 'pot of gold'!