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Chalwyn Vorster

SMI Team Cape Town
Chalwyn Vorster

Chalwyn saw the value of incorporating SMI into her business model almost six years ago.


''We have successfully used some of the programs in our extensive work in the schooling, social development and business environments ranging from small to corporate.


The individuals participating on the program are guided through a journey of self discovery and a life changing process that enables them to achieve their specific personal and business goals with a focus on holistic development. The results are measurable both in their personal environments and in quantifying ROI.


Our passion and area of expertise is working with teenagers and young adults in the school and learnership environments as well as in inclusive education projects as they relate to physically challenged individuals. We also focus on NGO's and foundations in social development and on business and government. Through careful planning we accommodate clients with a national footprint, implementing projects across the country.


We have been involved with a few flagship projects over the last 6 years including 250 previously disadvantaged scholars ages ranging from 13 – 16 years, ex-professional footballers – assisting with developing them into successful functional business people, Call Centre Environments, IT Environments, Construction and Life insurance, to name but a few of our business success areas. We are also pursuing government projects in social development with a focus on rehabilitation and re-integration."'